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About panel: SMART B2B Matchmaking Platform

The presidents of both Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster and IKT Telemark, two of the most prolific clusters when it comes to meaningful innovations in ICT will talk about creating the best networking platform worldwide. How will it work? Who can join? Some of the questions that will find its answers in this panel.

About panel: SMART Innovation - from Local to Global

This panel focuses on the newest tech available from our members who went global.

In our live demo, companies will present for the first time their new tech, including a SMART and innovative alternative for expensive cloud services, the most innovative tech worldwide in telematics, as well as the best solution for marketing campaign governance, and more…

About panel: SMART INNOVATION Worldwide (Partners)

The reason why no C-Level person should miss this event is due to the fact they will come in contact with the solutions that were developed using cutting-edge technology.

These were developed by our partners, leaders in their business area, such as Banking, Security, Big Data, and Cloud, which have grown to have large and top presence locally and globally.

About panel: Reshape the Future of Romanian R&D

Vice-chancellors from some of the best universities in Romania, together with representatives from the private sector in R&D, including one of our members that has driven its R&D forward and expanded to the USA, as well as an international promoter of innovation in South Africa, UK, USA and Europe, will debate on how to build a strong foundation for an R&D centre focused solely on ICT in Romania.

This debate is part of our cluster strategy to foster an innovative culture for the business community.

About panel: Romanian Innovation Engine

By presenting the various innovations developed our members, the concept of the Summit will unveil itself in an extraordinary manner.

Our members will engage the audience in a marathon of state-of-the-art tech, where they will show their best solutions that made them known internationally.

About panel: Smart B2B MeetPoint

The Smart B2B MeetPoint will have a dedicated area in the Rapsodia Room, and through its networking sessions taking place throughout the event, it will provide a strong base on which companies can build business relationships and establish powerful future collaborations.

Our goal is to create a platform for collaboration between SMEs, multinationals, local and international cluster,  and leaders in innovation with the help of SMARTY, our Smart Networking App.

Keynote speakers

Meet our most valued speakes

Stelian Muscalu

Host & Producer Business TV Show - Business Club

Andrei ROȘU

President at Asociatia CIA - Coaching In Running


Founder & President of SMART ALLIANCE - Innovation Technology Cluster


CEO at canGO

    Marius PANĂ

    CEO & Founder at Spearhead Systems

      Yugo NEUMORNI

      President CIO Council

      Elena UNCIULEANU

      Executive at Reporting Center & Founder TechVentures

      Eduard BEYER

      Legal Associate Deloitte, Treasurer & Board Member Romanian South African Business Association

      Alexandru BRAȘOVEANU, Esq.

      BCPA - Brașoveanu, Cernat and Partners Law Firm

        Alexandru BOBE

        Vice-Chancellor, University of Ovidius, Constanța

        Valentin NĂVRĂPESCU

        Vice-Chancellor - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

        Andrei ORBAN

        President at ENVIRON Association

        Costin LIANU

        General Manager USH Probusiness

        Raluca PAUNA

        CEO, Eriscan innovation, MSC IT Engineer, MM-IS (WITS)

        David LONTAI

        Business Development Manager at Ysoft

        Romanian Innovation Engine

        Smart Innovation Race

        George TUDOR

        CEO at IT Teams

          Mihai ”Mike” Drăghici

          Founder & CEO PayByFace

            Cosmin MĂCĂNEAȚĂ

            Managing Partner at Omega Trust

              Codrut CHERESTEȘ

              CEO at Dositracker

                Hunor KOVACS

                CEO at Geomant Romania

                  Geroge ȘERBAN

                  Founder at GSdata

                    Anatol OPREA

                    Co-owner @ T2 SRL

                      Șerban CONSTANTINESCU

                      Managing Partner at QWERTY Solutions

                        Florian SIMIONESCU

                        Manager & Leader at Integrisoft


                          Smart Networking Episode 1 & Welcome Coffee

                          Registration & Morning Coffee - (Lobby Rhonda Room)

                          Gabriel MUNTEANU - Smart Alliance-Innovation Technology Cluster President

                          The presidents of Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster and IKT Telemark, two of the most prolific clusters when it comes to meaningful innovations in ITC will talk about the project for which we have signed our partnership – creating the best networking platform worldwide. When will it be ready? How will it work? Who can join? Some of the questions that will find its answers in this panel.

                          • Puiu DUMITRU - Managing Director canGO presenting Nexo - next generation of innovative technologies in telematics
                          • Marius PANĂ - Managing Director Spearhead presenting the first Romanian cloud
                          • Ovidiu OANCEA - CEO m-WARE & Founder of Sether presenting the best solution for marketing campaign governance
                          • Raluca PAUNA - CEO, Eriscan innovation, MSC IT Engineer, MM-IS (WITS)

                          Moderator - Andrei ROȘU

                        • Our technology preferred partners will introduce their latest available developments

                          Moderator - Stelian MUSCALU
                          • Alexandru BOBE – Vice-Chancellor, University Ovidius, Constanța
                          • Alexandru BRAȘOVEANU - BCPA
                          • Alexandru DIMACHE - Dean, Technical University of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Automatic Control and Applied Informatics
                          • Costin LIANU - Vice-Chancellor, University Spiru Haret
                          • Eduard BEYER - Lawyer, Delloitte & Board Member Romanian South African Business Association
                          • Elena UNCIULEANU - Managing Partner, Reporting Center & Tech Ventures
                          • Valentin NĂVRĂPESCU - Vice-Chancellor - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
                          • Yugo NEUMORNI – President of CIO Council

                          Moderator - Stelian MUSCALU

                          Romanian Innovation Engine - Our Smart Alliance members will engage with the audience on a marathon of technologies, for different industries and showcase the best solutions that made them to be reckon outside our country.

                          Moderator - Stelian MUSCALU
                          Smart B2B MeetPoint

                          ROSABA (Romanian-South African Business Association) will lead the one of the most important networking aspects of the Smart Alliance Innovation Summit, where you will be able to interact with bilateral chambers of commerce, embassies and other organisations that will be there to support the local ICT sector’s increasing need to expand abroad, as well as find international partners.


                          what our members say

                          We want to change people’s lives by creating solutions that transform the way they work. Solutions that free up time for people to focus on the creative aspects of their job instead of menial, repetitive tasks. Together with our partners in the cluster we will develop innovative solutions that will allow us to achieve our ultimate goal: to create software that changes the world.
                          Mihai MATEIEssensys Software
                          Tremend has joined the Smart Alliance cluster with the aim of creating better IT solutions and larger projects using our common synergy. We believe this can only happen when people collaborate, only together we can build great ideas. We hope to develop strong partnerships through this cluster considering the diversity in the members’ backgrounds. One of the main advantages of Smart Alliance is its composition of members with a wide range of expertise.
                          Ioan COCANTremend
                          We decided to join Smart Alliance so that we can combine our skills, experience and abilities with those of the other members, in order to generate synergies that will enable us to sustainably develop in the future and to better satisfy the needs of our customers and business partners.
                          Cosmin MĂCĂNEAȚĂOmega Trust

                          Civil Society Partners

                          Preferred Technology Partners

                          Preferred Distribution Partners

                          International Network Partner

                          Media Partners


                          • Intercontinental, Nicolae Bălcescu 4, Bucharest
                          • Emanuela MODORAN – 0748 505 008
                          • 9:00-16:00